Why is Your Hair Texture Changing?

European hair salon in Denver

European hair salon in Denver

Just like our goals, priorities, and preferences change with age, so does our metabolism, sleep patterns and the quality of our skin, hair, and nails. When our hair goes from greasy to extra dry, thick and luscious to thin and lifeless, this is often one of the first indicators something has changed in our environment, diet or overall health. Your shiny hair has become dull, and you are not sure what caused the change. Here are some common reasons a change in hair texture occurs.


When searching for a medical reason why hair falls out, most common culprits for women are hormones that shift and change, not only because of the menstrual cycle but also because of aging. From puberty, pregnancy, and childbirth to menopause, the levels of estrogen fluctuate and can affect our hair growth patterns, causing hair to fall out too soon. Search for products containing linoleic acid and vitamins that will help replace lost moisture and minimize breakage.

Protein and Acids

You cannot have healthy hair and skin without paying attention to what you eat and choosing a diet that contains enough protein. The lack of it causes a change in hair texture, and the same applies for omega-3s and other essential fatty acids found in eggs, salmon, oysters, brussels sprouts, chia seeds, walnuts, etc.


Hair Texture

Hair Texture

Our skin is full of collagen we lose as we age. This means that our scalp loses collagen as well and ends up producing less conditioning oils that help smooth out our hair. The same way we should switch our skin care to more luxurious products as we grow older, our hair care needs adjustment as well with products containing more conditioning agents and amino acids.


From air pollution and second-hand smoke to the water we use for showering, our environment has an effect on the texture of our hair. Most commonly, the water we use has a higher pH in comparison to that of our hair, causing hair cuticles to flare open and become prone to tangling. Smoothing out your hair will seal your cuticles and make your hair less vulnerable.As a salon that values the integrity of hair, Ergun Tercan European Salon uses Pure Brazilian as its primary resource for hair restoration and vitality. This smoothing treatment system is one of the most comfortable and versatile smoothing treatment systems around.