Get the Best Hair Experience in Denver

When you come to Ergun Tercan in the Highlands of Denver you get the best hair experience in town. We make sure that your entire experience at the salon, from the time you park in our parking lot until the time you walk back out the door, is the absolute best. Plus, you’re going to love your new hair, and great hair always puts an extra spring in our steps.

Trained and Skilled Hair Stylists

Denver's best hair salon

Denver's best hair salon

We make sure that every one of our stylists has been trained in all hair techniques. And, we keep up with all the latest fashions and methods, keeping a poised eye on the newest European hair techniques. Our stylists can guide and collaborate with each client, helping them find the best cut, color, and style for their face, coloring, and personality.

The best hair extensions in Denver

Best colorists in Denver

Best colorists in Denver

Hair extensions are more popular than ever. With high-quality real hair extensions and a variety of application methods, every client can get the hair of their dreams. And, our stylists are the best hair extension technicians in town, having been trained expertly in every method. Get the length and volume you’ve always dreamed of in one hour or more, depending on the method you choose.

The best colorists in Denver

If you’ve ever tried to color your hair at home you know how easily it can go wrong. Our stylists are color specialists and will know exactly what it takes to change the color of your hair. We know how to avoid uneven streaks and spots, as well as avoiding unsightly yellow tints to your platinum blonde. And, we’re fully trained and knowledgeable on all the latest fashion colors for 2018.

The best salon in Denver

If you’re looking for the full pampering experience when you get your hair done, make an appointment with Ergun Tercan. You’ll be sipping on the finest Turkish teas and coffees while we give you the hair of your dreams.