French Style Your Hair

French women are renowned for their impeccable style, not only in the way they live, eat, and dress, but also in the way they style their hair. Flirtatious, charming, and a bit rumpled, French women have become a symbol of classical elegance and reckless abandon. They keep their hair care simple and honest, and their style relaxed, which makes their look a perfect option for long summer days and nights.

Layered Cut and Messy Bangs

One of the particularly popular options among French women blends a layered cut with long and messy bangs, easy to style and maintain. No matter the length of your hair, long bangs and layers will allow you to recreate this chic look even when you are pressed for time, and will look perfect after a day on the beach, with hair full of sea salt.

Perfectly Imperfect Blow Dry

The best hair extensions

The best hair extensions

When creating the French messy look many women desire, it is important not to make your hair slick, and, if possible, allow it to naturally dry. Instead of hair sticking close to your head, it needs to move and bounce so when you blow dry, do it with your head upside down to lift the roots from your scalp.

Natural and Refreshing

The so-called bed hair, a long white shirt, red lips, and sun-kissed skin help create a French look that is both natural and fresh, well thought through and spontaneous at the same time. However, to achieve that you don't need to wash your hair every day. Instead, opt to prolong the period between washes with the help of a good dry shampoo, because the messy and reckless look many French women wear with pride, can handle a day or two without a wash.

Texture is Key

Besides the cut that creates volume, you want your hair to have a bit of texture. After washing your hair apply a leave-in-conditioner and let your hair dry naturally. When it’s almost done drying, twist your hair into a loose knot in the back of your head and allow it to completely dry.


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