About Ergün

Ergün Tercan“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction becomes the biggest step of your life -Unknown.”

Ergun Tercan made this discovery while working for one of the most prestigious salons in Istanbul. This small leap of faith was the catalyst that continues to serve Ergun in his journey to becoming the best stylist he can be, while also sharing his knowledge with those who are passionate and eager to learn more about the booming industry of hair.

Ergun Tercan began his career as a stylist at the age of fourteen, following the historical pattern set by a family of hairdressers. Ergun knew he had always wanted to be a part of the hair dressing world, associating himself with stylists from a renounced salon in Istanbul, Ergun finally got his big break when he proved his expertise and desire to succeed. Ergun was always searching for ways to get ahead. Intrigue, education and positive results continue to be the driving force behind Ergun’s desire to constantly be moving forward.

In an industry that involves the license to touch, Ergun took it a step further, striving to touch people’s lives through the power of understanding and the desire to help. Ergun’s compassion and ambition is what has made him a lucrative salon owner and Master stylist.

However, his journey was not an easy one.

“Eighty percent of making it in the hairdressing industry is mental, and twenty percent is mechanical” – Ergun Tercan

It was the combination of these elements that brought Ergun to success. Understanding how to make people happy and focusing on technique while also practicing effortlessly is how Ergun continues to transform the lives of all his guests.

Now, with over twenty years of experience as a stylist Ergun has brought his many talents to the city of Denver, Colorado. His extensive training in the industry, including Bumble & Bumble University, Vidal Sassoon, Wella and Schwarzkopf have inspired him to train and promote European techniques rarely found elsewhere. “Learn one, do one, teach one –Ergun Tercan.”

This idea has influenced the lives of many artists in his European style salon, nothing is kept secret or taboo, everyone is entitled to ask questions and learn for Ergun’s many years of experience. Ergun Tercan European Salon opened its doors in 2006 in Denver, Colorado and is expanding exponentially, offering continuing education through his Advanced Academy and participating in local charities. Ergun Tercan continues to cultivate talented styles and serve a loyal customer base, proudly contributing and developing the future of hairdressing from the inside out, striving to be the best hair salon in the nation.

Ergün on TV

Our Salon has been featured both locally and internationally. Here is a sampling of the places we have appeared recently:

Rockstar master stylist Ergün Tercan, owner of Ergun Tercan European Salon in Denver, shows Joana Canals of Colorado’s Best how full or partial hair extensions deliver instant change while protecting the natural hair.

Many mistakenly think hair extensions damage the hair. Ergün explains that in addition to immediate length, extensions can actually encourage natural hair growth. Joana shares her own experience of having extensions to help grow out specific areas of her hair that were damaged. Extensions added length and after they were removed, her hair was longer and healthier.

Joana Canals and Ken Clark of Colorado’s Best discuss hair extensions with Ergün Tercan, master stylist and owner of Ergun Tercan.


Hair extensions are a woman’s best accessory, says Ergün Tercan, master stylist and owner of Ergün Tercan European Salon in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver. Not only can extensions give you thicker and fuller hair, he claims they can also help you look ten to fifteen years younger.


Master stylist Ergün Tercan talks top hair trends for 2014 with Colorado’s Best Joana Canals. Ergün is an industry expert with over 25 years of experience and owner of Ergün Tercan European Salon in Denver’s trendy Lower Highlands neighborhood.

He believes the time has come to ditch the ombré look and instead opt for soft highlights to add greater depth and dimension to the hair. Ergün sees lots of texture in trend for 2015, recommending styles with curls and waves to give the hair movement. In his mind, long luscious locks are also very en vogue, adding both beauty and even a more youthful look.


Paula Haddock of Colorado’s Best shines the spotlight on hair extensions with rock star master stylist Ergün Tercan, owner of Ergun Tercan European Salon in Denver’s Lower Highlands. For women tired of trying to style fine or thin hair, struggling with hair that refuses to grow or don’t know what to do with damaged hair from processing or too much heat styling, hair extensions can immediately provide luxurious locks.


Ever wanted longer, fuller hair? Joana Canals of Colorado’s Best features master stylist Ergün Tercan, owner of Ergün Tercan European Salon in Denver, to show the transformational power of hair extensions. Ergün explains that hair is the best accessory any woman has and in only a few hours, partial or full extensions can completely change any look.


Paula Haddock of Colorado’s Best discusses hair extensions with master hair stylist and extension expert Ergün Tercan, owner of Ergün Tercan European Salon in Denver, showing dramatic before and after examples to show what a difference hair extensions can make.

There are a variety of uses for hair extensions beyond simply lengthening hair. Whether choosing full or partial extensions, they provide fullness and volume that give what hair stylist Ergün calls “the wow factor”. Hair extensions give thickness to those who may have lost hair for chemotherapy or other reasons. Added volume also leads to a more youthful look since hair tends to thin as we age.


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